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The arranging demo
The other arranging demo (Divertimento)
One way to record a song
The production demo
The composition demo
download mp3's

There are bits of music all over this site, but I've gathered them all here for convenience. I hope you'll give a listen. They are all Flash movies. If you don't have the Flash plugin, or if you want to listen to the clips outside your browser, you can download mp3's of the sound files (except a few that don't make sense outside the context of the demo.)

The arranging demo               [top of page]
Also found on the Arranging page. This lets you hear what it is that I add when I create an arrangement. Click on a "Load" button to hear the corresponding demo. The demo will start playing as soon as it downloads. You can listen to one while you're downloading another.

While you listen, try clicking the "Full" and "Bare" buttons, to hear first the whole mix, including the strings or horns, then a version with most of the other tracks gone (just a few rhythm instruments so you know where you are). The two versions run in synch to you can switch back and forth while the song plays. Use the fast-forward and rewind buttons to move around in the song.

The other arranging demo:               [top of page]
Again, from the Arranging page. These are from the Divertimento in (D)inosaur. Full orchestra rendered by sampler. Songs by Dinorock, Orchestrations by myself. See the Divertimento Page for full details.

The "One Way to Record a Song" demo               [top of page]
Found on the Production Page. There are many ways to put together a recording. In this case (and mostly because of tight schedules) we put down guitar and scratch vocal against a click track and then added the other parts in several sessions. This demo shows, in just a few measures, how the recording was built up. Click on the Listen Button to download the file. Like the others, it will start playing as soon as it downloads.

The Production Demo               [top of page]
Also found on the Production Page (reasonably enough). These are examples of recordings I've made of other people's music. For some notes on each cut see the Production Page.

The Composition Demo               [top of page]
This is still in progress. A lot of my old work is just on paper, not in any audio form, so I'll add more cuts here when I can make some recordings.

               [top of page]

If you don't have the Flash plugin, none of the above demos will work for you. Don't despair. Here they are for download in good old mp3 format.

Arranging ("Full" versions only):
4-piece horn section on up-tempo pop/R&B(1.8 MB)
Sampled string section on pop ballad (1.5 MB)
Clarinet, violin, piano bass and choir (2.3MB)
4-piece horn section on blues med. Rock (1.7MB)
Real strings (1 on a part) on folk/pop ballad (1.9 MB)
2 alto flutes on acoustic bossa (.7 MB)

Production (see Production page for notes)
Tom Prasada-Rao -- Falling Star (2.1 MB)
Lea -- Xenophobia (3.4 MB)
Lisa Taylor -- Gravity (1.8 MB)
Sara Landymore -- Leaving (2.1 MB)
Tom Prasada-Rao -- Rishi (2.5MB)
Lea -- Everything's Fine (3.2 MB)

One Way to Record a Song (1.9 MB)
no blow-by-blow from the Flash movie. You'll have to use your imagination....

Composition Demos: (See composition page for notes)
Metrocon7 (1.9 MB)
Agnus Dei (played on sampled woodwinds) (2.1 MB)
Choral Song 3 (played on Sampled Strings) (2.7 MB)
El Tiempo (live) 2.8 MB)                        [top of page]

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