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I've always done at least some sort of performing, and it's been a curious assortment of gigs, from the Brass Balls Saloon to Carnegie Hall (Two Carnegie Halls, actually; the one in Manhattan and the one in Lewisburg, WV) and a lot in between. I don't do bar gigs any more (too hard on the body) but I still perform, and I'm still all over the map. Here are some highlights, past and present:

The Robyn Helzner Trio
"World Jewish Music." Songs from the diaspora in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and even English. Some ancient, some written last year. Robyn is a wonderful performer and I've had the pleasure of backing her on bass, keys and vocals since 2000, along with Dov Weitman, in venues from Vancouver to Houston to the US Holocaust Museum. She's recently released her 5th CD, "Signs and Wonders." See more (and hear samples) at www.helzner.com

Dinorock Productions
Astounding puppets, great scripts and classy music. (One CD features Danny Gatton and Beau Soleil.) They've piled up awards, including a Grammy nomination in 2000. They've been touring the US for about 30 years (38 states so far) and I've worked with them many times. (That's how I came to visit Carnegie Hall In Lewisburg, WV.) I have a separate page for a show for symphony orchestra and dinosaurs that we created in 2004. I still perform with them occasionally, and always look forward to it. More at www.dinorock.com.
The Washington Bach Consort
One of the best baroque ensemble in the US. I sang bass with them for two years. Mostly in the chorus, but the first year I sang solo parts in two of their Noontime Cantata series and in a concert at Coolidge Hall in the Library of Congress. (The second year I sang a solo again in a Noontime Cantata, only I was called to sub at 9:30 that morning and had to learn the part -- a long recitative and aria -- in a cab heading down to the hall.) Read about the Consort at www.bachconsort.org, or listen to their recording of the Gloria from BWV 235 (from their site).
In the Works:
I'm working on a three-person live show "with video accompaniment," built around European art song of the romantic period. Not a recital, though. More an extended riff on the "Birth of the Modern," and the strange and often deranged characters who created that amazing literature. Somewhat in the style of the Reduced Shakespeare Company with emphasis on the colorful and the extreme, and lots of singing (unamplified, whenever possible). Original languages only, with surtitles (one use for video). Don't know when it will be ready but when it is I hope you'll come listen.

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